Evolution of Graphics in Video Games

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Video games for many years have been the main engine of the progress of both CPUs and graphics subsystems. But the pace of increase in computing power and the introduction of new features have recently slowed down greatly. The whole point is probably that the vast majority of gamers fully satisfy the current quality of game graphics, or the whole industry is expecting something great and revolutionary. Let’s see how the graphics in games have changed over the years.

  1.    Space Invaders

Space Invaders has gained immense popularity and was integrated into various platforms. When these slot machines appeared in Japan, there was initially a shortage of coins of a suitable denomination. The main goal of this type of activity was simple: to shoot hordes of intruding aliens. In this case, the gun of the player moved behind a series of four protective shelters, which were totally destroyed by the hits of aliens. Space Invaders Graphics

Despite the primitive graphics, the designer Tomohiro Nishikado had to create his own hardware platform based on the Intel 8080 processor. But it still did not work well, and the rendering speed the sprites slowed down greatly when there were many objects on the screen. The author turned this disadvantage into a feature – the less enemies remained on the screen, the harder it was to fight them.

  1.    Pac-Man

It is one of the most famous games of 80’s. The player was to control the overgrowth Pac-Man, crawling into the dungeons, infested with an unfriendly fauna. In total, it has 255 levels, each being more difficult to win for a player. Pac-Man became the founder of a new genre – chase in the labyrinth. One of the designers said that he wanted to make a humorous game without any violence. Although initially Pac-Man was not popular in Japan. But in other countries, Pac-Man broke all the patterns, charts, and records of sales. As a result, Pac-Man began its victorious procession around the world.

  1.    Mortal Kombat

This is one of the best in the history of fighting games, which actually set a new standard for the quality of animation and a variety of combo attacks. Initially, it was developed for gaming machines, but it was integrated into both set-top boxes and personal computers. In Mortal Kombat, there were many characters – each character had his own clever tricks, strengths, and weaknesses. It was incredibly spectacular, playable, and bloody. Although it may seem to be an ordinary fighting game, but Mortal Kombat has its own story line.


The list of video games demonstrating a great graphics evolution can be extended. A new game with a revolutionary animation and design may be launched soon – who knows?

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