Console Fighting Games

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Fighting genre of video games has always been renowned amongst junkies, who still support console gaming instead of indulging themselves in entertainment on PCs. From year to year, lots of gaming companies compete with each other to make up and develop platforms, which would as much as possible draw attention of experienced users. Simplifying the game skills gaining, modernizing graphics, improvement of mechanics, enhancement of texture quality according to the modern standards can satisfy the most drastic demands. Players wander around from game to game, trying to determine the best one for themselves, and consequently sharpen their skills in order to reveal them at various tournaments, which are arranged season after season.

The prize pool of such e-Sports contests has reached an unprecedented level. As per Dota 2, founded by Valve, the prize pool of the main event, the International, is constantly increasing, having outreached the 20 million US dollars mark for 3 years in a row; and that is not the end, as Valve for the International 2018 hope to enhance the prize pool up to 30 million US dollars. And such innovation does not only happen in PC kind of gaming, but they also concern console devices.      

Fighting kinds of e-Sports

There are a lot of modes of playing present in the fighting genre. Different tasks and quests trigger the players’ interest, what is making a game more popular. But among the outstanding and masterpieces of console games, the following should be pointed out:

  • Mortal Kombat is the largest series of games that are well-known for adults and children. For several decades it has improved its appearance, and its version is finally available not only on consoles but also on PCs. The latest version provides access to 32 characters up to a player’s choice. The recent update has put forth beautifully designed tricks, reprocessed graphics, due to which a game has become more dynamic. One should not deprive himself of experiencing a new modification.Mortal Kombat
  • Super Street Fighter 4. In contradistinction to the previous version it now has increased a quantity of characters and several new possibilities. Six-button control system has been approved by critics, new attack mechanics could not leave any player cold.Super Street Fighter 4
  • There is one more interesting fighting, named Injustice: Gods Among Us. It is based on the universe of DC Comics. The distinct point of the game is the interaction with a surrounding environment, except fighting against another player. This game is available on mobile devices, probably, that is the reason for its popularity.Injustice: Gods Among Us
  • The list is not full without one more excellent platform different from other fighting games, WWE 13. Innovations, included in the game, impressed the fans so much that it is no more considered as a usual “fist-brandishing” thing. Now the game contains a tough and unexpected competition.   WWE 13

The best fighting games are not restricted by the a.m. list, as there are a lot of unmentioned interesting and impressive fighting platforms, which can differ from each other by the details of the gameplay.

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